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Entityhub Lookup

Subresource /lookup?id={uri}&create={create}

Description This service looks-up Symbols (Entities managed by the Entityhub) based on the parsed URI. The parsed ID can be the URI of a Symbol or an Entity of any referenced site.
  • If the parsed ID is a URI of a Symbol, than the stored information of the Symbol are returned in the requested media type ('accept' header field).
  • If the parsed ID is a URI of an already mapped entity, then the existing mapping is used to get the according Symbol.
  • If "create" is enabled, and the parsed URI is not already mapped to a Symbol, than all the currently active referenced sites are searched for an Entity with the parsed URI.
  • If the configuration of the referenced site allows to create new symbols, than a the entity is imported in the Entityhub, a new Symbol and EntityMapping is created and the newly created Symbol is returned.
  • In case the entity is not found (this also includes if the entity would be available via a referenced site, but create=false) a 404 "Not Found" is returned.
  • In case the entity is found on a referenced site, but the creation of a new Symbol is not allowed a 403 "Forbidden" is returned.
Request GET /lookup?id={uri}&create={create}
  • id: the id of the entity
  • create: if "true" a new symbol is created if necessary and allowed
Produces Depends on requested media type


curl ""