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Entityhub Find

Subresource /entity/find?name={name}

Description This service can be used to search for Entities in the Entityhub. Both a POST and a GET version are available.
  • GET /entityhub/find?name={query}&field={field}&lang={lang}&limit={limit}&offset={offset}
  • POST -d "name={query}&field={field}&lang={lang}&limit={limit}&offset={offset}" /entityhub/find
  • name: The name of the Entity to search. Supports '*' and '?'
  • field: The name of the field to search the name (optional, default is "").
  • language: The language of the parsed name (default: any)
  • limit: The maximum number of returned Entities (optional)
  • offset: The offset of the first returned Entity (default: 0)
  • select: A list of fields included for returned Entities (optional)
  • ldpath: The LDPath program executed for entities selected by the find query (optionally). The LDPath program needs to be URLEncoded.
Produces Depends on requested media type


The following query would search for Entities with a 'rdfs:label' that starts with 'Pari'.

curl -X POST -d "name=Pari*&field="


Find entities with
Name: (required)
This supports Wildcards such as 'Exam?le*'
Language: (optional, default: any)
Field: (optional, reasonable default - usually rdfs:label)
Limit: (optional, number, default: 10) The maximum number of results
Offset: (optional, number, default: 0) The offset of the first returned result
(optional). LDPath programs can be used to specify what information to return for Entities selected by the /find request. This example selects the english labels, comments, categories, homepage and builds a string representing the location '[{latitude},{longitude}]'.
Output Format: (Accept header set to the request)