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CMS Adapter

Service Endpoint /cmsadapter/map

This endpoint provides a bidirectional mapping between external RDF data and JCR/CMIS content repositories based on RDFBridges. Default RDF Bridge implementation can be configured through the Apache Stanbol CMS Adapter Default RDF Bridge Configurations entry in the Apache Felix Web Console Configuration Panel.

Following services are available for this endpoint:

Interaction with the content repository will be obtained through the Session Key property. To be able to use the services below a session key should be through the /cmsadapter/session resource.
Connection parameters
Session key

Map RDF to repository

This service allows clients to map specified RDF to the content repository. In the first step the RDF data is annotated according to RDF Bridges loaded in the OSGI environment. Additional annotations provide selection of certain resources from RDF data and creation/update of related content repository object.

Submit raw RDF data

Submit a remote public RDF by URL

Upload a local RDF file

Map repository to RDF

This service allows clients to map content repository to RDF. In the first step, structure of the content repository is converted into an RDF. For this process detailed documentation can be found in javadoc of RDFMapper interface. There are two implementations of this interface for JCR and CMIS protocols respectively, JCRRDFMapper and CMISRDFMapper. At the end of first step, generated RDF contains only CMS Vocabulary annotations. Afterwards, additional assertions are added based on RDF Bridges loaded in the OSGI environment.

Map content repository to RDF

Base URI:
Store generated RDF persistently:
Update existing RDF with the generated one: