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Service Endpoint /cmsadapter/contenthubfeed

This endpoint provides services to submit/delete content repository objects to/from Contenthub component. The aim is to manage content repository items in the Contenthub so that search/exploration provided by Contenthub functionality can be applicable for content repositories. The services basically delegate the request to a suitable ContenthubFeeder instance based on the connection information. There are default implementations of ContenthubFeeder interface for JCR and CMIS repositories.

Following services are available for this endpoint:

Interaction with the content repository will be obtained through the Session Key property. To be able to use the services below a session key should be through the /cmsadapter/session resource.
Connection parameters
Session key

Following parameters are used to select objects from content repository. Submitted documents are identified through their identifiers in the content repository.

Content object selectors

The following index will be used to store content items or delete contents items from.

Select an index

Submit content items

This service enables submission of content repository objects to Contenthub.

Following Content Properties parameter indicates the possible properties of content repository object holding the actual content. Please note that this property is not used for all cases. For example, content of CMIS documents are obtained via CMIS api directly, or if a procesed JCR node has nt:resource node type, the content is obtained from the jcr:data property. Currently, Content Properties parameter is only used while processing a JCR node which is neither nt:file or nt:resource.

Content properties
Content properties

Submit content item(s) to Contenthub

Delete content items

This service enables deletion of content items from Contenthub.

Delete content item(s) from Contenthub